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Our dental family is my other family. I consider all of our team members and doctors, and our leaders as a siblings, and mentors.  This group of people all have a different unique quality in each of their own ways, that will contribute to their learning path.

Its been our Mission "To be the happiest dental home in town". Our culture is happiness and great experiences.

I'm a book worm.  I love to read. For me reading doesn't only excite me to turn the page, but it widens my vocabulary, it opens my eye to possibilities and keeps me wanting to learn more and be better. I love to spend time in my garden and be with my daughter.

I have always been service oriented. My language of love is to serve. My desire is to become the COO and president of this company.

By attaining my goal, I know I can help a lot of people.


With 24 years in the dental field, I joined Dr. Nguyen/Team H a year ago, I love being part of this awesome team.  They made me feel welcome since the first day. I am grateful for my coworkers they are like family, it's always fun to be around them.

I feel truly blessed to work alongside such amazing team from our front office all the way to our highly experienced doctors.

My family is a big part of my life. Spending quality time with my husband and three boys is always my first priority.

Love being a football mom, to travel, and enjoy life.



I enjoy working at Circle H because of the warm friendly environment.

The culture is respectful to one another.

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family.

I am proud of how much I have improved career wise with the team.

My vision is to be an Oral Surgeon in the future.



I love working at Team H because of the friendly, honest people and welcoming environment. I also enjoy working with all the doctors here, but I love assisting during surgery.

The culture of our Team H  is to make the patients feel comfortable. By commitment, communication, consistency, integrity, leadership and team work.

In my free time, I love to spend time outdoors activities particularly camping. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. I love food!. I am proud of myself for all I have learned from all doctors.

My future, I see myself as a Registered Dental Assistant. I want to be able to grow more by learning front office and one day become a homeowner.


Hi my name is Julian, and I am Team H's Dental Hygienist.  I've been working for Team H for almost 2 years, and I love working here because we are a very team oriented.  

This group of people is like a family to me.

During my free time, I play in an adult basketball leagues, and I love all sports, but mostly basketball. I'm a Lakers fan for life. I also would like to travel all around the world with my girlfriend. I'm also a proud uncle to my nieces and nephews and a dog dad to Mamba.

For my future, I want to learn more things involving my career, and I look forward to the dental advancements that can help my clients take care of their teeth.


I like working with team H because we have a good culture and there is so much room to grow.  

Our team leaders motivates us to be at our highest potential.

Culture of Circle H is like family.

I love to work out. I live a healthy life. My success is my daughter.

My vision for the future is to help create "The Happiest dental home in town" not only for our patients, but for our team members.

Personal vision is to travel the world with my family.


I like being part of Team H for the many learning and growing opportunities that they have entrusted me with.

Respect, integrity, teamwork and goal oriented environment is the culture our team is all about.

In my free time, I enjoy reading or listening to a great book and spending quality time with my loved ones.

In the future I see myself continuing within the company and becoming a homeowner.


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