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Crowns And Bridges Specialist

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Huy Nguyen, DDS

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Dental crowns and bridges are an excellent and reliable way to improve the look and function of your smile and bite. In Anaheim, California, Huy Nguyen, DDS, and the dental professionals at Hummingbird Dental Group provide crowns, bridges, and a number of other effective dental treatment options. The objective is to protect your dental health and make sure you’re happy with your smile. If you’re interested in crowns or bridges and want to explore your dental treatment options, call Hummingbird Dental Group or schedule an appointment online today.

Crowns and Bridges

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns can change and improve the size, shape, and appearance of damaged teeth, and they also protect your teeth from infection, damage, or decay. A dental crown covers your tooth like a protective cap. Crowns can effectively restore discolored, chipped, broken, or cracked teeth.

Crowns can help you to restore functionality to your bite and give you an aesthetically beautiful smile. Crowns are specially designed to discreetly blend in with your natural teeth and provide extra support.

Crowns can be made of different materials. Hummingbird Dental Group offers different types of personalized crowns, including ceramic crowns as a sturdy option that provides natural-looking results.

A dental crown procedure usually involves at least two office visits. Your dentist takes X-rays and discusses the procedure in detail, so you know what to expect. Then the team makes an impression of your teeth and sends it to the dental lab where your custom crown is created by a qualified lab technician.

Using a local anesthetic, your dentist numbs your tooth and the surrounding tissue before filing down or building up your tooth, so your crown can fit properly. They make a temporary crown for you to wear in the interim to safeguard your tooth.

When your new crown is ready, you return to Hummingbird Dental Group, and your dentist carefully cements the permanent crown in place.

Why would I need a dental crown?

You may need a dental crown to:

  • Improve the look of discolored or poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Protect and fix a damaged, chipped, or broken tooth
  • Securely hold a dental bridge in place

You might need a crown if you have a large filling, but you don’t have enough tooth to hold your filling in place properly.

To prevent tooth decay, you should make sure you maintain good dental hygiene. The crown can’t decay, but you can have decay on the edge where your tooth and your crown meet. 

Make sure you keep your crowns clean and stay up to date with your important preventive care by coming in for your recommended professional dental cleanings and keeping up with good dental hygiene at home.

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge refers to a dental prosthesis consisting of an artificial tooth connected to a set of crowns. Your dentist might suggest dental bridges to fill a gap left by one or more missing teeth. Custom bridges can blend in beautifully with your natural teeth.

If you’d like to learn more about enhancing your dental health with bridges or crowns, call Hummingbird Dental Group or schedule online.